My passion for wedding planning!

Hi, I’m Tsveta!

People usually ask me how I work – as a wedding planner in Greece - what differentiates me and why they should choose me for their special occasion. So, I am sharing my bits of truth with you here:

It’s not a service that I offer. For me, wedding planning in Greece and the Greek islands is joy, beauty, inspiration, magic.

I can never deliver just what I am asked for. I always feel the urge to go for more. So don’t expect from me to implement what you have envisaged. Expect from me to enrich it, and take it to a higher level – with you.

My motivation is my creativity and the love for what I do. But what really elates me is a passionate search for doing something different, extraordinary, tailor made for each and every event.

My clients become my friends. I need to get to know them to design something that will truly match their personalities. The look in their eyes at the time of the event, the energy in their hugs… become the highest rewards for me.

I take pride in the team and vendors I work with. We combine our passion and expertise to plan and produce events with attention to quality, detail, and style.

Every event I design is a personal affair for me. People smile when I say that I have been married more than 500 times and christened more than 1000! But I really live your dream and experience every event as if it is mine!

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Boho Wedding Inspiration in Nafplio
Boho Wedding Inspiration in Nafplio


Who is Tsveta Christou

Working in that environment did not feel like work. I was simply enjoying being surrounded by flowers. One thing let to another and, soon, I realized that this is what I wanted to do: combine the beauty of flowers with my design talent and skills!

I was born and raised in Bulgaria, where I dreamt of becoming a journalist, interviewing people and broadcasting their stories through the radio. At the same time, a creative ‘bone’ in me drove me to study fashion design and start creating unique design compositions and installations from different objects.

Little did I know then that this choice would grow to become a passion for wedding planning and design!

This discovery led to my own blooming!

I pursued a career in Greece’s largest flower stores and spent days and nights learning and learning and learning. It was not long before I moved from sales to design and from design to full wedding planning. My employers and clients trusted my taste, enjoyed my creative thinking and the peace of mind I would create, taking care of everything - from the smallest detail to the largest need. And that’s how they gave me space to become what I am today:

A passionate wedding and events planner in Greece, offering tailor-made creations to help people make beautiful memories for their special occasions.

The political and financial hardships in my country at that time led me to my grandparents’ land: Greece.

Equipped with nothing but my willingness to create, grow and succeed, I worked on many different things to make a living. I did not mind working hard. Sundays at the Acropolis, my favorite calm place, filled me with energy and happiness.

My love for design showed up strong again when I started working in a small, neighborhood flower shop. But, that’s when another love also grew: my love for flowers!

Who is Tsveta Christou