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Destination Wedding in Greece: Things only a planner knows!

As a destination wedding planner in Greece, we’ve seen plenty of destination weddings in the last 15 years! Couples from all over the world opt for this type of wedding, and we couldn’t blame them! It’s stunning! If you have a serious case of wanderlust, you might consider planning a destination wedding, too. Given that marriage trends are constantly evolving; the definition of a destination wedding has taken on a totally new meaning today. If you find yourself wondering, “What is a destination wedding exactly?” we’re here to help!

What Is a Destination Wedding in Greece?

Traditionally, a destination wedding is a ceremony that’s hosted outside of the couple’s hometown, which requires travel for most (if not all) of those involved. These weddings are commonly associated with picturesque wedding locations in Greece, like Mykonos or Santorini! In 2019, nearly one in four couples hosted a destination wedding, proving that they’re a great alternative to a traditional ceremony. With plenty of charming wedding venues throughout Greece it’s not surprising that destination weddings are a trend on the rise. While some couples select their location for its sentimental value, others are choosing their wedding city simply because they like it!

The average cost of a destination wedding in Greece is constantly changing as well. Our speculations for this year indicate that couples are more focused than ever on planning a personalized, memorable experience for their guests, as opposed to a one-day celebration. There are plenty of ways for couples to reinvent the traditional wedding ceremony. Some continue the celebration with a sequel wedding, while others host a micro-wedding with a macro-budget. By putting the emphasis on love and celebration, modern couples are putting their personal spins on tradition. And given that destination weddings continue to rise in popularity year over year, it’s likely that more couples will continue to host their nuptials in a special place that’s far from home!


Blue Inspired Christening in Skiathos by Tsveta Christou

Destination Wedding in Greece: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Reunion Opportunity

At a traditional wedding, you’re on the run, meeting and greeting. Destination weddings are on vacation time. You’re usually required to arrive a few days early to fill out the paperwork, so by the time your wedding rolls around, you’ve had two to three days of fun with family and friends. How often do you have the opportunity to spend no-rush quality playtime with dear, far-flung friends? This is your chance and we are here to help you have the luxury wedding of your dreams!

Blue Inspired Wedding in Kythnos designed by Tsveta Christou

Blue Inspired Wedding in Kythnos designed by Tsveta Christou

Destination Wedding in Greece: You Can’t Beat the Beautiful Scenery

There’s nothing like beautiful views for a wedding day. And those iPhone-wallpaper-worthy photos can be the backdrop for your wedding! Not to mention, being in such a beautiful environment brings a glow to your faces. Also, Speaking of scenery, destination weddings really put photographers in their happy place. You don’t have to be limited to photoshoots just at your resort. In fact, we encourage you not to stay put, because you’ll have enough photos there at your wedding. Instead, go out and explore the area, have fun with locals, go shopping, and anything else you want to do. Your photographer will soak up the natural lighting and capture beautiful memories as you’re out having fun. The photo opportunities in Greece are endless!

Blue Inspired Wedding in Kythnos designed by Tsveta Christou

Whimsical Wedding Inspiration in Blue Hues

Destination Wedding in Greece: A Multi-day Celebration Is Basically Guaranteed

It’s true, your wedding day goes by pretty quickly—you plan forever and then it’s all over in a few hours. With destination weddings, you’ll have days instead of hours to celebrate, and you can control how many different events you’ll have. There are so many possibilities—welcome cocktails and dinner, day excursions, exploration by boat, day-after brunch and more. Have fun with it. There aren’t many opportunities where you’ll have so many people you love all in the same location. It’s practically vacation!


Destination Wedding in Greece: It’s Like a Wedding and a Honeymoon in One

As couples get closer to their day, they’re not only looking forward to the wedding—they’re beyond excited about the honeymoon too. An opportunity to get away, relax, and not have a care in the world—what could beat that? With a destination wedding in Greece, you’re either already in your honeymoon location, or it feels like a vacation before you jet off to the next locale. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen many times!

Stylish Romantic Wedding in Stemnitsa by Tsveta Christou

Destination Wedding in Greece: They’re Cost-Effective

The affordability of a destination wedding has many couples speeding off to the airport faster than you can say “I do.” For instance, a couple can fly to an all-inclusive resort in Santorini, get married, and stay for a deluxe week long honeymoon for a few thousand dollars, including lodging, meals, drinks and airfare. Compare that with an 150-guest wedding costing about $36,000—which can easily skyrocket to more than $100,000 in big cities of America. (Not to mention a few extra thousand for a honeymoon.) This is one of the main reasons couples choose to have a destination wedding in Greece without compromising their luxury tastes!

Our Philosophy

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