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Luxury Wedding in Greece: Our favorite theme and why!

Are you somebody that doesn’t half do anything? Have you been dreaming of hosting the ultimate luxury wedding in Greece– frills and all? From a dramatic entrance (or send off) to creating an unforgettable guest experience, here’s everything you need to include to create your luxury wedding from our experience of being a wedding planner in Greece for more than 15 years!

The luxury wedding in Greece theme

A luxury wedding focuses on all the little expensive details. It’s all about bringing luxuries together to create something truly special and bringing to life the couple’s dream wedding. Standing alone, the luxury wedding theme is one of the 10 most popular wedding themes like traditional, rustic, elegant, romantic, garden/outdoors, vintage, contemporary and glamorous, beach, vineyard, and boho chic. A glamorous and luxurious concept can be paired with one of these themes to create a themed wedding with a luxury edge.

The vision of a luxury wedding in Greece

Couples who embark on planning the ultimate luxury wedding want to create something that reflects what they enjoy in life. Usually, these couples enjoy the finer things in life and pay special attention to fashion trends and designer labels. On a luxury wedding, there’s no minimum or limit on how many guests are invited, though the expensive details included in a luxury wedding usually cut down the invite list. With a smaller guest list, those hosting a luxury wedding often take better care of their guests. For instance, if it were a destination luxury wedding in Greece, perhaps the couple would ensure everyone is put up in accommodation and looked after for the duration of the wedding.

Décor of a luxury wedding in Greece

The decor at a luxury wedding usually depends on what other theme the couple has chosen. For instance, a bohemian lux wedding would focus on large, extravagant floral arrangements and beautiful detailing. If the wedding is purely luxury, the decor may include expensive chandeliers and centerpieces. Every little detail is carefully chosen for maximum impact – all our favorite elements combined perfectly!

There can never be too many florals

When planning a luxurious wedding in Greece we go over the top on florals, using different arrangements in different places. For example, we hang flowers from the ceiling in the ceremony area to create the visual of flowers “raining down” on guests. Or we pair florals down the estate table with hanging arrangements above. We also love the idea of a floral and greenery backdrop for either the ceremony or cake table! As said above, the flowers at a luxury wedding really depend on what other theme the couple has chosen to accompany the luxury tone. For instance, a bohemian or rustic luxe wedding may bring out the rustic or bohemian nature through the flowers and floral arrangements. There’s usually a large emphasis on creating something truly beautiful however, so a lot of careful consideration and ample budget is involved when crafting the bouquets and arrangements.

Planning luxury weddings in Greece

Planning at luxury weddings usually focuses on the expensive details of the day. For instance, if the location is a huge part of what makes the wedding ‘luxurious’, we will focus on that. The same goes if the bride is wearing something particularly expensive or a famous and expensive designer label. The idea is to make the couple look a ‘million bucks’. For those seeking a luxury wedding planner, with more than 15 years in the industry, we have multiple awards and recognition by the wedding market. We are continually evolving and refining our decoration skills, and produce a high-end product ahead of the trends.

Our Philosophy

For us, each wedding is unique. Our top priority is to transform the couple’s vision into a dream wedding. We always respect the couple’s ideas and opinions. But when it comes to styling, then our professional experience takes over and leads the creative journey. We will help you to have the most glamorous wedding day, full of pretty details and luxurious elements. Our team can provide a complete wedding design, starting with the venue research, curating the wedding theme and flower decoration, help you choose stationery, as well as wedding favors and welcome gifts, pick the right music, photographer, videographer, and professional lighting. Also, we will be on your side while picking the perfect wedding dress, the best MUA and Hairstylist, the most delicious wedding cakes and luxury desserts, and the menu for your wedding reception. Wondering what previous couples say about us? Take a look at our Testimonials!

We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your celebration reflects your style, respecting your original budget, and making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. We look forward to making your dreams come true for your luxury wedding in Greece! Contact us to book your date!