Luxury Wedding in Varkiza Resort, Athens Riviera


A Promise Made, A Dream Fulfilled

Christina, a woman with a dream of a lifetime, hails from the picturesque country of France. From the depths of her imagination, she envisioned a romantic and unforgettable destination wedding in the enchanting land of Greece. Her heart was set on the vibrant city of Athens, where the historical grandeur and stunning landscapes would serve as the perfect backdrop for her special day. Little did she know that fate had something extraordinary in store for her.

On the other side of the story was John, a proud native of Nafplio, a charming coastal town known for its breathtaking views and rich cultural heritage. Destiny played its hand, bringing Christina and John together, both sharing the same dream of uniting their lives in the heart of Athens.

The couple's vision for their wedding extended beyond the realm of their love story. They sought to create an ambiance of elegance, luxury, and sophistication that would be etched into the memories of their guests forever. Every detail was meticulously planned and carefully crafted, ensuring that their dreams materialized into a reality that surpassed all expectations.

Petal Symphony

The floral arrangements played a pivotal role in adding a touch of enchantment to the wedding. Gold leaves, lilium oriental, hydrangeas, and white roses were chosen, forming a captivating fusion of colors and textures. The presence of gold, a symbol of opulence and grandeur, combined with the ethereal beauty of the flowers, created an atmosphere of sheer magic. The black and gold combination, known for its timeless allure, added an extra layer of sophistication and uniqueness to the event.

Starry Elegance

As the wedding day unfolded, the dominant colors of black, white, and gold painted a picture of refined elegance. Luxury and opulence were the guiding principles that brought every element of the celebration together. The art de la table, meticulously curated to harmonize with the overall theme, boasted a cohesive color palette. White chairs, adorned with delicate details, provided a pristine canvas for the tablescape. The black tablecloth, in perfect harmony with the white porcelain plates, crystal glasses, and golden foliage in the centerpieces, exuded an aura of sophistication and simplicity.

Hearts Adorned Pathway

Upon entering the reception venue, guests were transported to a world of dreams. A majestic booth, meticulously decorated with gold, black, and white details, stood before them. The ethereal atmosphere was enhanced by exquisite arrangements of white flowers, crystal chandeliers casting a soft glow, and crystal candle holders showcasing white scented candles. The booth not only provided a mesmerizing sight but also offered sweet treats for the delight of the newlyweds' cherished guests, a gesture that showcased their gratitude and appreciation.

At the entrance of the renowned Varkiza Resort, a specially crafted wish table awaited the guests. Adorned with delicate gold and white details, it emanated an air of elegance and sophistication. Delicate cards, featuring beautiful gold gilding, were placed on the table, inviting the guests to share their heartfelt wishes for the couple. This thoughtful gesture allowed the guests to honor Christina and John in a unique and meaningful way, leaving behind cherished memories for the newlyweds. The table itself was adorned with exquisite gold and white floral arrangements, accompanied by the gentle flicker of candles, casting a warm glow on the wall behind. Mounted on the wall were the couple's monograms, large and gilded, created with precision from plexiglass. This artistic display added a personal touch, symbolizing the union of two souls destined to embark on a lifelong journey together.

Le Mariage de Nos Rêves

Christina and John's dream of a destination wedding in Greece was brought to life through meticulous attention to detail and a shared vision of elegance and luxury. Their choice of colors, exquisite floral arrangements, and thoughtful decorations created an ambiance that was truly extraordinary. It was a celebration where two worlds intertwined, crafting a symphony.

Our Philosophy

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