Destination Wedding in Naxos Island


Kostas is originally from the Greek island of Naxos. Kostas' wish was to get married and have his daughter's baptism in his homeland, but he thought it would be difficult to arrange because he and Niki live in Rome. So I set up a meeting with Niki and Kosta as they had to come to Greece for a few days. We managed to discuss some of the wedding and baptism details. Most of the preparations were done through the use of technology. We did our best to overcome the difficulties that the long- distance situation provoked and managed to work out the details smoothly, without stress or confusion.

The wedding reception was held in a hotel where I decorated the reception tables with lace tabletops and a different variety of sizes for the centerpieces which included pink peonies and hortensias..We also placed a white, round hand-crafted ceramic wedding favor that had inscriptions of wishes for the couple. My team and I thought of hanging artificial roses in combination with crystals over the dance floor to give it a more elegant appeal. I was also in charge of booking the hotel reservations for the guests, so when Niki and Kostas arrived to have their wedding everything was taken care of perfectly. All Niki and Kostas had to do is relax and enjoy themselves with their guests!