Luxury Baptism in Island, Athens Riviera


Seas the day

The baptism of Evangelos took place on the summer at the Island, on Athens Riviera, and the event was meticulously planned and executed with a boat-themed decor to complement the beautiful seaside location. The attention to detail and the choice of blue tones created an enchanting atmosphere for the celebration.

Create waves of joy

As the guests arrived at the venue, they were welcomed by a remarkable gold stand adorned with elegant blue flowers. A sign with the name of Evangelos and a small boat added a personal touch to the entrance. However, the real surprise awaited the guests as they stepped inside. A breathtaking arrangement of hydrangeas and delphinium in shades of blue and turquoise took center stage, accentuated by a large boat, symbolizing the christening theme. To enhance the ambiance further, white scented candles in crystal glasses were placed on top of each arrangement, creating a fairy tale-like setting, particularly as the evening descended and the soft illumination added a magical touch.

Essentials with Candles

The surrounding trees were not overlooked in the decorations. They were adorned with candles resembling lanterns and flowers in white and blue hues, featuring delphinium and baby's breath. The combination of these elements added a whimsical and romantic touch to the outdoor space.

A Voyage of Taste

The art de la table design was carefully considered, with charger plates in white and blue chosen to harmonize with the venue's atmosphere and the colors of the sea. The dreamy aesthetic continued with white tablecloths, napkins, and dinnerware, complemented by blue crystal glasses. Each table featured scented white candles and large arrangements of blue delphinium and hydrangeas, creating a captivating visual experience for the guests.

However, the highlight of the decorations was undoubtedly the sweet stand, meticulously designed by the planning and design team from the start. The stand itself was adorned with blue hydrangeas and delphinium, with a prominent round sign made of blue plexiglass displaying Evangelos' name. Scented candles, small bouquets of flowers, and various sweet treats such as donuts, muffins, and cake pops were carefully arranged in line with the christening theme. These delectable treats were intricately decorated with boats, anchors, and Evangelos' monogram 'E,' all in shades of blue. Additionally, handmade fans were thoughtfully placed in a beautiful crystal vase, providing guests with relief from the summer heat. Lastly, the exquisite baptism cake of Evangelos took its rightful place on the sweet stand, serving as a centerpiece that added to the overall grandeur of the occasion.

Captain's Confectionery

Evangelos' christening cake transported everyone into a whimsical dream world. Every detail was meticulously crafted to create a harmonious and enchanting display, seamlessly blending with the boat theme. Atop the cake, a delightful little boat stole the show, adorned with intricate decorations and vibrant colors that caught the eye of all who beheld it. A touch of magic was added with the little boy's name lovingly inscribed inside a fluffy cloud, gently resting upon the cake.

But it wasn't just the centerpiece that amazed; the entire cake exuded a nautical charm. The other flavors of the cake were adorned with meticulously crafted anchors and ropes, seamlessly intertwining with the christening theme. These elements not only enhanced the visual appeal but also evoked a sense of adventure and the vastness of the sea.

As the cake stood proudly on display, it effortlessly conveyed the atmosphere of the ocean, transforming the celebration into a maritime voyage. The attention to detail, from the smallest decorations to the overall composition, was nothing short of stunning. Radiating joy and charm, the cake became an integral part of the christening celebration, flawlessly reflecting the theme and perfectly complementing the venue by the sea.

Evangelos' christening cake was a true masterpiece, bringing together the elements of fantasy and seafaring wonder. With each delectable bite, guests indulged in a sweet escape to a world where dreams sail upon the waves of imagination. It was a cake that not only delighted the taste buds but also captivated the hearts of all who gathered to celebrate this special occasion.

Bon Voyage, Sailors

The baptism of Evangelos was a meticulously planned and beautifully executed event. The boat-themed decorations, along with the careful selection of blue tones and floral arrangements, created a magical ambiance that transported guests to a fairytale world. From the enchanting entrance with its floral arrangements and candles to the meticulously designed art de la table and the stunning sweet stand, every detail was thoughtfully crafted to ensure a memorable and delightful celebration of Evangelos' christening.

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