Glamorous Wedding in Vouliagmeni Lake

The Wedding Lake Party

Our couple chose to have their wedding in a very romantic place as it is Lake Vouliagmenis in Athens. They were looking for a beautiful but lively, free setting because they wanted their families and guests to feel like they were going to a party and not a wedding. A great party includes uplifting music, lots of dancing and of course an open bar. To transform this wedding into a party-like atmosphere we did away with many dinner tables and opted for more suitable furniture as a sofas, comfortable lounge chairs and bar stools. As for the wedding decor, it was done with the utmost simplicity in order to achieve the party, club mood. We chose white as the main color and used it from the candles to the flowers. The flowers were white peonies and they were used even in the bridal bouquet. The favors consisted of silk white peonies that perfectly complimented the wedding gown. This was an untraditional wedding but a very memorable one as it was full of happiness and entertainment for both the couple, their families and guests.

photography | Phosart Photography Cinematography