Rustic Romance: Casa e Campo Wedding Celebration


Amore Rustico

Alexia and Giannis had always dreamt of organizing their wedding in conjunction with the baptism of their child, little Manolis. They envisioned a celebration that would take place in a breathtaking location of unparalleled natural beauty, and their hearts were set on Casa e Campo, a magnificent venue located just outside Athens. As a dedicated wedding planning and design team in Greece, we were privileged to assist them in bringing their dreams to life, and the result was nothing short of extraordinary.

Floral Entrance

To set the tone right from the entrance, we created a stunning floral arrangement that welcomed the guests with open arms. A special rustic chest of drawers took center stage, and within each drawer, we carefully placed beautiful and vibrant flowers, creating a surreal visual display. Atop the dresser, we positioned a grand floral centerpiece consisting of elegant pink roses and lush green foliage, accompanied by five tall, golden candles. This arrangement was completed with an easel, adorned with a gold frame and adorned with flowers, displaying the heartfelt message "Welcome to our wedding," extending a warm greeting to all of Alexia and Giannis' cherished guests.

Aisle of Dreams

Moving to the church, we adorned the sacred space with a vibrant array of colorful flowers. Eucalyptus, green foliage, pink hydrangeas, fuchsia roses, purple lisianthus, and yellow celosia breathed life into the surroundings. Candles, embellished with flowing bouquets and cascading ivy, added an ethereal touch. Additionally, we paid attention to every detail, ensuring that even the swimming pool, where little Manolis was to be baptized, was exquisitely decorated.

Each guest chair held a round, handmade fan and a rice bowl bearing the names of the couple, Alexia and Giannis, as well as their beloved son, Manolis. This gesture was a testament to their decision to unite their wedding and baptism ceremonies, creating an atmosphere of love and togetherness.

Rustic in Every Detail

When it came to the reception, we curated a truly enchanting "Art de la table" experience. The combination of timeless elegance and simple luxury evoked a sense of refined beauty. Each place setting featured a guest's napkin, accompanied by a beautiful wedding favor. On every table, we arranged tall, crystal candle holders holding white scented candles, harmoniously blending with a variety of flowers including eucalyptus, green foliage, pink hydrangeas, fuchsia roses, purple lisianthus, and yellow celosia.

The Artistry of Sweets

The candy bar at Alexia and Giannis' wedding exuded romance and charm. Adorned with white and purple candles, it exuded an irresistible allure. The display showcased an abundance of delightful treats, such as cookies imprinted with the monogram "M" representing little Manolis, as well as the initials of Alexia and Giannis. Furthermore, a magnificent tower of macarons in shades of red, lilac, green, and yellow added an artistic touch. No candy bar would be complete without cupcakes, cake pops, and bezedes, each meticulously crafted. As a heartfelt touch, the couple had also chosen to include a wish book on the table, allowing their guests to pen their well wishes, creating a cherished keepsake that would forever reside in the couple's hearts.

Τhe sweet table was graced with exquisite floral arrangements featuring eucalyptus, green foliage, pink hydrangeas, fuchsia roses, purple lisianthus, and yellow celosia. These resplendent blooms were lovingly placed in unique, statuesque vases, adding an additional touch of elegance to the setting.

Italian Aristocracy

We took great care in crafting a beautiful corner that seamlessly harmonized with the rustic theme of Alexia and Giannis' wedding at the Casa e Campo estate. The area boasted plush rugs and cushions with patterns mirroring the carpet design. A grand velour sofa in a rich shade of blue became the focal point, adorned with cushions that perfectly matched the carpet's design. Crystal chandeliers, purple candles, and paintings within opulent gold frames, lovingly adorned with flowers, further enhanced this sophisticated corner, evoking a true sense of Italian aristocracy.

Two Special Moments, One Unforgettable Day

Τhe wedding and baptism celebration of Alexia and Giannis, held at the breathtaking Casa e Campo venue, was a testament to love, beauty, and meticulous attention to detail. From the floral entrance that welcomed guests with a surreal display of vibrant flowers to the meticulously adorned church and swimming pool, every aspect exuded elegance and grace. The unity of the wedding and baptism ceremonies created an atmosphere of love and togetherness, symbolized by the personalized rice bowls and handmade fans on each guest chair. The reception showcased a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and simple luxury, with exquisite floral arrangements and crystal candle holders adorning every table. The candy bar, with its artistic displays and heartfelt wish book, added a touch of romance and charm. The Italian aristocracy corner, with its plush furnishings, opulent decor, and regal ambiance, transported guests to a realm of refined beauty. In assisting Alexia and Giannis in bringing their dreams to life, we created an extraordinary celebration that will forever reside in their hearts and the memories of their cherished guests.

Our Philosophy

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