A Lavish Wedding at Laas Estate, Athens

Maria & Loukas candy bar, wedding day

A Love Story Unveiled

The wedding of Maria and Loukas was a momentous occasion that took place during the Easter season. As the couple desired a wedding in Athens, they carefully selected the enchanting Laas estate as their venue. Situated in a picturesque location, the estate offered a panoramic view of the entire city. The name of the estate, Laas, derived from the ancient Homeric word meaning "stone," which held a legendary tale of Deucalion and Pyrrha creating the city of Laas by casting stones. The estate embodied a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements, exuding a shabby chic style.

The dreamy atmosphere of the location, coupled with the breathtaking views and beautiful corners of the estate, evoked a nostalgic ambiance that transported guests back in time. Additionally, the estate's ecological approach and direct contact with nature added to its unique charm. As a dedicated wedding planning team, we seized the opportunity to transform the Laas estate into a truly magical venue for our beloved newlyweds.

Easter Euphoria

Given the Easter season, we embraced the theme by incorporating chamomile and yellow flowers to decorate the church. These vibrant and joyful blooms symbolized the spirit of Easter and added a touch of elegance to the ceremony. To further personalize the celebration, we collaborated with our partners to craft exquisite rice cones and handmade fans. Each of these delicate items featured the names of the couple, Maria and Loukas, encased within a beautiful floral frame.

Radiant Sunshine: A Yellow Flowered Elegance

The bridal bouquet, meticulously arranged, consisted of enchanting chamomile and yellow flowers. Their bright and cheerful hues perfectly complemented the Easter-inspired décor. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we adorned each table with a crystal carved cup holding a bouquet of baby's breath and a white candle. These delicate and fragrant arrangements exuded a sense of romance and sophistication.

Aesthetics of Dining

The art de la table was a testament to refined taste, featuring crystal glasses, white porcelain plates, and silver cutlery. To elevate the table settings further, we rented charger plates adorned with white linens, accompanied by fuchsia and orange-colored napkins. This harmonious color scheme flawlessly tied in with the vibrant flowers and overall wedding theme.

Love's Little Treasures

For the wedding favors, we handcrafted elegant white keepsakes. To add a touch of natural beauty, each favor was adorned with a delicate bunch of baby's breath, elegantly tied with a ribbon in the complementary color. These thoughtful gestures served as a token of appreciation for the guests, leaving them with a lasting impression of the couple's special day.

Springtime Love

As an extraordinary centerpiece, we created a magnificent stand adorned with tall glass containers. Within these containers, we placed large bouquets of baby's breath and chamomile, emanating an ethereal charm. At the center of the stand, we arranged special stands dedicated to Easter cookies and red eggs—a cherished Easter tradition. On one side, an exceptional brioche captivated guests, while on the other, elegantly wrapped cookies awaited as delightful gifts. The confections were lovingly enveloped with ribbons in hues of red and yellow, perfectly complementing the overall color palette.

To enhance the reception area, we adorned the entire stand with tall candle holders, holding white and scented candles. These warm, flickering lights created an enchanting atmosphere, accentuated by the delicate flowers used in the decoration—chamomile and fuchsia and orange baby's breath. The overall effect was a breathtaking display of elegance and romance, leaving guests in awe of the meticulously crafted ambiance.

Happily Ever After

In conclusion, the wedding of Maria and Loukas at the Laas estate in Athens was a dream come true. From the carefully chosen venue with its panoramic views, to the thoughtfully selected flowers, decorations, and table settings, every element contributed to a truly magical celebration. The attention to detail, coupled with the Easter theme, created an atmosphere that immersed guests in a world of beauty, nostalgia, and joy.

Our Philosophy

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