Moroccan Baptism at Ble Azure, Athens Riviera


 Dipped in Colors

Mia and Amy's christening was a momentous occasion held at the breathtaking Ble Azure, located on the Athenian Riviera. Their parents meticulously selected a distinctive theme for their daughters' special day, combining Moroccan influences with vibrant color blocking in bright orange and fuchsia.

Our team, renowned for our expertise in wedding planning and design, embarked on a journey to transform the venue into a fairytale space, right from its inception. Every detail was carefully crafted to immerse the guests in a magical atmosphere. The predominant colors of the event, orange and fuchsia, set the stage for an enchanting experience.

A Blessed Beginning

Upon entering the venue, guests were warmly greeted by a dazzling gold stand, adorned with magnificent candles and a delightful assortment of flowers in shades of bright orange and fuchsia. The tree trunks were elegantly dressed with floral arrangements and curtains in matching hues, adding a whimsical touch to the surroundings. As a delightful surprise, two curtains in orange and fuchsia were strategically placed, offering a glimpse of the subsequent element of the christening.

Furthermore, we provided a wish notebook where guests could pen their heartfelt wishes for Mia and Amy. This precious keepsake would forever capture the well-wishes and blessings bestowed upon the girls on their baptism day.

Path to Grace

In the heart of the venue, an exquisite candy bar awaited the attendees. The candy bar was adorned with cascading orange and fuchsia curtains, accentuated by fringed chandeliers in the same vibrant colors. Bouquets of hydrangeas and roses held the curtains elegantly at the edges, immersing the guests in a realm reminiscent of fairy tales and royalty.

Rainbow Harmony

Platters and sweet stands graced the candy bar, meticulously arranged to display the initials of the girls, Mia and Amy. Each delicacy was artfully adorned with flowers, enhancing the visual appeal. The table itself was a floral masterpiece, featuring meticulously placed blooms and scented candles that created a romantic ambiance.

Buttercream Serenity

Amongst the sweet treats, the centerpiece was undoubtedly the magnificent cake. A three-tiered confection, it boasted a pristine white exterior adorned with the initials of Mia and Amy, intricately crafted in orange and fuchsia flowers.

A Feast for the Senses

The tables, dressed in elegant white tablecloths, were adorned with white porcelain plates and crystal glasses, exuding an air of sophistication. Completing the dinnerware ensemble were napkins in soft shades of purple and pink, perfectly complementing the overall aesthetic. To further enhance the table arrangements, beautiful bouquets of roses and hydrangeas in orange and fuchsia hues, accompanied by fragrant white candles, exuded timeless charm and elegance.

Blessed and Beautiful

Mia and Amy's christening day was truly a sight to behold. The fusion of Moroccan elements, the vibrant color scheme, and the meticulous attention to detail brought forth a fairytale-like ambiance that will forever be cherished by all who attended this joyous celebration.


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