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How to find the perfect venue for your wedding

When you can customize pretty much any aspect of your wedding day, choose the dress that makes you swoon, or pick the flowers in your favorite color there’s one thing you can’t skip: a venue. After all, you’ve got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate however big or small your wedding is!

Finding the perfect location and the perfect venue is not so easy. There are so many options to choose from, taking into consideration the style, the guests, the atmosphere! We’re here to help you find what you’re looking for by sharing the tips that have helped us help brides through the years.



Talk to your wedding planner

Planners are much more familiar with the capabilities of space, the layout, and the time and items you’ll need to transform it. If there’s a creative way to make it unique or a quirk about the space that could make your vision hard to accomplish, we will know and help you with valuable tips and information! Trusting your wedding planner is crucial!

Choose the Perfect Venue That Fits Your Vision

Seek out venues that fit the aesthetic you have in mind. If you want your wedding to be modern check out art galleries, well-designed restaurant spaces, or modern multipurpose places. If you are planning a wedding incorporating more natural elements search for outdoor venues such as parks, backyards, or museums.  Choosing a venue that fits in with (and enhances) your theme will enable your wedding to feel more connected to space and each other!


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Know Your Guest List

Knowing how many guests you’re expecting to invite before you go looking at venues will help save you from a lot of misunderstandings in the future. If you choose a venue that is too small for your guest list and more guests RSVP ‘yes’ than you can fit in the space, you might be in a difficult situation. Couples often underestimate how many people they will invite (or how many their parents will want to add to the wedding guests), so have that conversation early to know what you’re working with.



Remember Your Budget

One thing we always say to couples? Know how much you can spend. Know how much your total budget is, as well as approximately what your design will cost to execute. If your wedding venue breaks your budget, you’ll either need to scale back your design or look at more affordable spaces. Break down your overall budget by category, prioritizing more funds for vendors that are a higher priority like your photographer and caterer. If you’re not sure how prices break down in your region you should consult a wedding planner and maybe work with her on partially planning your wedding day.

Think About What Is Included

A venue with tables, chairs, and linens included might cost more upfront than a venue where you need to rent your own, but you should get an estimate from a rental company to see how they compare when you’ve added on the price of renting things for yourself. And remember that the included rental items are often more basic (white linens, standard flatware, banquet chairs, etc.), so you may still end up paying more to rent items that fit your vision better.



Define your style

With Pinterest weddings and Instagram, a lot of couples choose venues based on the style of a wedding they fell in love with online. However, it’s important to ask yourselves what feels authentic to you two as a couple. It’s very important to choose a space and a design that’s a representation of who you are.



Our Philosophy

For us, each wedding is unique. Our top priority is to transform the couple’s vision into a dream wedding. We always respect the couple’s ideas and opinions. But when it comes to styling, then our professional experience takes over and leads the creative journey. We will help you to have the most glamorous wedding day, full of pretty details and luxurious elements. Our team can provide a complete wedding design, starting with the venue research, curating the wedding theme and flower decoration, help you choose stationery, as well as wedding favors and welcome gifts, pick the right music, photographer, videographer, and professional lighting. Also, we will be on your side while picking the perfect wedding dress, the best MUA and Hairstylist, the most delicious wedding cakes and luxury desserts, and the menu for your wedding reception. Wondering what previous couples say about us? Take a look at our Testimonials!

We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your celebration reflects your style, respecting your original budget, and making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. We look forward to making your dreams come true for your luxury wedding in Greece! Contact us to book your date!