Luxury Wedding Details to Consider


Among the different types of weddings, the term ‘luxury wedding’ stands out for several reasons! Making people feel welcome, considered, and entertained are the key elements of luxury planning. Besides sounding very fancy, the term luxury wedding also sounds very expensive. But what are the elements of a luxury wedding and what it takes to plan a luxury wedding? Keep on reading!

It’s not only about the price

Spending lots of money isn’t the only thing that makes a wedding ‘luxurious’. There’s also a big emphasis on the small details decor wise and people wise that will make a difference!  The clients who want luxury weddings are usually striving for perfection, and therefore pay strong attention to style and the atmosphere, something we’re always after on our planning company.

Where other clients might choose to save costs on certain decorative items in favor of prioritizing bigger details like venue size, luxury wedding clients will most often choose to invest money in both.



A more elaborate series of events

The average wedding consists of a ceremony and a few associated events, such as a rehearsal dinner/ party and a post-ceremony reception. Luxury weddings feature a much more elaborate series of associated events. Some of the most popular events we organize include an engagement party, ceremony, rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, entertainment and activities throughout the wedding weekend, and accommodations and food for guests from out of town.



Create an Experience

When we’re looking at the details and the organization, we’re making sure that we understand the process. Basically we put ourselves in your guests’ shoes and we look at every element of the day, and every point they’re going to have interactions with, and how do you want that to be.

We’re making sure to find if there is anything that we can do at each of those points which will make it more of an experience for your wedding guests. And that doesn’t have to take so much of your time or so much of your budget. It can be as simple as a little note or sign, or something you can do in advance.

Higher guests’ expectations

Part of the reason our clients are striving for such perfection in their luxury event is to impress their guests! All our clients have something in common; they want to have a very impressive, high-quality wedding, and their guests might actually expect it. Our job to ensure that our clients’ get the level of luxury they’re looking for, while still getting the wedding details they actually want amongst the ones that are intended to impress the whole wedding party.


Invest in florals and décor

The easiest way of hyper impressing the guests is investing in a solid floral design overflowing flower details and an abundance of décor pieces to make your wedding reception look like a garden! Beautiful flowers will give so much character in your wedding and urging our clients to spend some more on flowers and décor always gives the best results and wedding days the guests will remember forever!


Our Philosophy

For us, each wedding is unique. Our top priority is to transform the couple’s vision into a dream wedding. We always respect the couple’s ideas and opinions. But when it comes to styling, then our professional experience takes over and leads the creative journey. We will help you to have the most glamorous wedding day, full of pretty details and luxurious elements. Our team can provide a complete wedding design, starting with the venue research, curating the wedding theme and flower decoration, help you choose stationery, as well as wedding favors and welcome gifts, pick the right music, photographer, videographer, and professional lighting. Also, we will be on your side while picking the perfect wedding dress, the best MUA and Hairstylist, the most delicious wedding cakes and luxury desserts, and the menu for your wedding reception. Wondering what previous couples say about us? Take a look at our Testimonials!

We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your celebration reflects your style, respecting your original budget, and making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. We look forward to making your dreams come true for your luxury wedding in Greece! Contact us to book your date!